Helpful Tips for Overcoming Your Fear of the Dentist

Research has proved that at least 75 % of all people have fear of visiting the dentist. A good percentage of these have an intense fear such that they will not go to get dental treatment at all. Dental fear can cause stress, evasion of treatment and care and loss of self-esteem. Evasion of treatment could lead to loss of all teeth and gum disease, which scientists have now linked to heart disease and diabetes. Here are ways you can avoid fears of your next dental visit.

Get to know your dentist first
Go in and acquaint yourself with the dentist before the day that your first appointment. Some people with dental phobia say that dentists are scary to look at, especially when they are armed with their tools. However getting to know their personality in advance can help you relax when they actually start carrying out dental operations on you.

Communication is key
Tell the dentist when you set up the appointment that you are afraid of dental treatment. The first fear you need to overcome is the fear of telling others that you have a dental phobia. Talking about it is a step to overcome the fear. The dentist will listen and design ways of approaching your treatment without causing you much fear. Highlight specifically what your fears are, is it injections or the sound of the drill or the dentist’s brush?

Choose a sympathetic dentist
Find a dentist who listens to you without judging and who is dedicated to help overcome the fear and get dental treatment. A sympathetic dentist will explain to you why you need not to fear visiting the dentist. He will go an extra mile and provide sedatives and distractions to alter the dental office settings. The dentist will make their offices less clinical with softer color and comfortable furniture. Have him explain everything that he has to do and ask why. Together you can go through the types of sedatives that can alleviate your pain or reduce anxiety. Gradually you will get used to the operations and totally overcome the fear.

You can use your smart phone or iPod and headsets to listen to calming music during the examination. Listening to music will help block out the sound of the drill during treatment.

Relaxation techniques

Dentists have techniques and medicines that can help you overcome fear and pain during dental treatment and make your date with the dentist a pleasant experience. Some dentists recommend the use of nitrous oxide for instance which is called “laughing gas”. Sometimes if needed dentists will give you medications to reduce anxiety before they start treatment.