Tips for preparing your child for a trip to the dentist

  • Have them go with you and watch when you have your dentist appointments
  • Be honest, comforting, and reassuring
  • Build excitement about going to the dentist
  • Read a story about going to the dentist
  • Play “going to the dentist” at home
  • Be aware that your fears of the dentist may translate to the child

Talk to your child about what to expect at their dental appointment, below is a few things they can expect:

  1. If the child is cooperative, the dental assistant will take x-rays of their teeth.
  2. The assistant will show the tools to the child, let them see it and touch it to their skin so they understand what it is like.
  3. The dental assistant will clean the child’s teeth, just like they do an adult’s. The paste used to clean the teeth will be a child’s flavor, typically bubble gum, strawberry, or other gentle flavor.
  4. The assistant will floss the child’s teeth.
  5. If the child is cooperative, they will have a fluoride treatment. Some children are not ready to sit still and not swallow. If a fluoride treatment is successful, you will be not be able to drink or eat anything for 30 minutes after the appointment.
  6. Dr. Kvinsland or Dr. Skifstad will come in and check the child’s teeth and talk to him/her about the importance of teeth and keeping them strong.