All About Toothpaste

Whether you shop online or at a physical store, care should be taken when picking toothpaste. Your dental health is as important as all other aspects of your health. Having the right toothpaste helps you maintain healthy teeth, gums and stay cavity free (this is of course if you use the toothpaste correctly). At Kvinsland Dental, our family dentist will make sure you are practicing good dental hygiene.

Dental approval
No matter what part of the world it is that you are located there is a dental body responsible for the approval of toothpastes and toothbrushes. This should be the very first thing to look for in a toothpaste brand. In America for instance, a seal by American Dental Association (ADA) must be present on toothpaste to guarantee its quality and safety. Having the ADA seal means that the toothpaste has been tested and key recommended ingredients.

Fluoride content
When it comes to oral care, the benefits of fluoride outweigh its demerits. It is a primary ingredient that must be present in any approved toothpaste. Fluoride helps remove plaque which is responsible for tooth decay and gum diseases and also helps strengthen the teeth. Using toothpaste with more fluoride than this predisposes you to enamel fluorosis, dental carries and a weak dentine prone to fractures.

Talk to your dentist
Your dentist knows your teeth best and will know just the right kind of toothpaste for you. When you have your teeth cleaned or a checkup, you will not only get advice on toothpaste that will suit you but also health tips to help you improve your oral health. The toothpaste recommended will depend on the current state of your teeth determined by a thorough investigation. Here is a look at some kinds of toothpaste that your dentist may recommend and why:

· Whitening toothpaste – these are ideal for those with yellow or discolored teeth. Though they do not really whiten teeth, they have ingredients that help removing tough stains leaving your teeth in their natural color. Using a whitening toothpaste too often can damage the surface because of the heavier abrasives that are used.

· Desensitizing toothpaste – these have ingredients that act to reduce sensitivity of teeth. If whenever you take something hot or cold you experience a shooting pain then this is the right toothpaste for you. The desensitizing agents in these toothpastes act to block the nerves and keep them from receiving the pain signals. Using desensitizing toothpaste too much and too often can be rough on the surface of your teeth but if you have sensitivity a desensitizing toothpaste may be right for you.

· Tartar control toothpaste – tartar refers to hardened plaque. Though this can only be removed by a dentist, there are toothpastes that help control further accumulation. If you have tartar, the dentist will remove it and advice you to use this kind of toothpaste to slow down future tartar accumulation.

· Children toothpastes – these are specifically designed for use by children who are more prone to dental health problems like cavities.

Personal preferences
Toothpastes come in many different packages and flavors. This is entirely up to you. If you do not want to use chemically-manufactured toothpaste, there are natural toothpastes you can choose from.

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