Root Canals

Relieving Pain and Infection

What is it and when is it appropriate?

A Root Canal is a sophisticated filling within the roots of a tooth. Your tooth has a hollow root that is filled with a tiny nerve and vascular bundle. When damage to a tooth reaches this very delicate area it can cause pain and infection. A root canal procedure removes the offending tissue and fills the space with a sealing material.

What are the benefits?

If a root canal procedure is performed you will be able to maintain the tooth for many years and in many cases for the rest of your life.

What is the procedure?

When a root canal is necessary, Dr. Kvinsland will work with you to find the best referral for your situation.

Common Concerns and Questions

Do Root Canals Hurt?

Patients who have never had a root canal procedure often associate it with pain. This is not the case. The procedure actually resolves the discomfort you are feeling when you need a root canal.