Improving your Smile

Crowns and Veneers

Sometimes a damaged tooth will need more care or esthetically a new solution is needed. We can use porcelain crowns or veneers to make the smile appear “as new.” Crowns and veneers are a reliable solution for major dental problems caused through accidents, diseases, wear and tear as well as for cosmetic reasons.

What is it and when is it appropriate?

This reliable technique for repairing a broken down tooth can offer a complete smile and functional bite. Many people have unexplained pain from filled back teeth, which is usually due to hairline cracks that can run through the tooth. Placing crowns on these teeth can often times greatly reduce the pain you may have been experiencing. In front teeth, older fillings can both weaken the teeth and cause “appearance” problems due to staining or chipping. Porcelain crowns and veneers can be great option for many different reasons.

What are the benefits?

  • Crowns are used for long lasting corrections of major dental problems as well as correcting the esthetic look of a smile.
  • Prevents teeth from fracture and the patient from pain.
  • Restores shape and function to misshapen teeth or badly broken down teeth.
  • Restores natural appearance.

What is the procedure?

Fitting a crown requires at least two visits to our office:

  • Initially, we will remove decay, replace decayed tooth structure with a filling, then shape the tooth, and fit it with a resin temporary crown.
  • On the subsequent visit, we will remove the temporary crown, and then fit and adjust the final crown. Finally, we will cement the crown into place and you have a new beautiful looking tooth.

Common Concerns and Questions

What types of tooth crowns are available?

Porcelain: Porcelain is almost always used where the tooth shows. By choosing porcelain, it more closely matches existing teeth, keeping your smile its best. In building a crown, porcelain is fused to a substructure that is custom selected to match your needs. The substructure is built from the most durable materials possible, based on your situation, metal have been traditionally used, but metal free options are available.

Gold: Dr. Kvinsland believes that gold is still the most durable material for crowns. He will discuss with you what your best option is based your situation.