A Friendly Family Dentist in Gig Harbor, Washington 

Whether you’re new to the area, you’ve recently welcomed a new member into your family, or you’re not satisfied with your current dentist for any reason, Kvinsland Dentistry is here when you are looking for a new family dentist in Gig Water, Washington. We serve patients of all ages and with all types of oral health needs. Our goal is to make every patient’s experience comfortable and pleasant.

Our services include everything from routine checkups to emergency appointments. We strive to build relationships with our patients; we invite you and your family to learn more about what we offer. If you have any questions about setting up or preparing for your first visit, please call our dentist’s office for assistance.

The Benefits of Having a Family Dentist for All Your Dental Needs 

When it comes to choosing a family dentist, there are a lot of benefits that often get overlooked. If you are on the search for a new family dentist, here are some things that you should consider. 

Choosing the Right Family Dentist Can Help Reduce Anxiety 

Dental anxiety or dental phobia is a serious condition that both children and adults can struggle with. Left unchecked dental anxiety and phobia can result in delayed dentist visits and eventually not going to the dentist at all. This is extremely dangerous for your dental health and needs to be avoided at all costs. 

One of the greatest ways to combat dental phobia is to go to a family dentist together as a family. It is no secret that kids are extremely impressionable and look to parents for guidance. If you start taking your kids with you to the family dentist from an early age, it will help combat the anxiety and help them grow more comfortable with dental procedures. 

Convenience is Key 

Life is hectic! Managing the schedule of an entire family can be overwhelming even in the best of times. Wouldn’t it be great to eliminate the stress that comes from making dental appointments? When you choose a family dentist like Kvinsland Dentistry, you can get the whole family’s dentist appointments knocked out at once. Saving you both time and money by avoiding several trips to the dentist.

Your Entire Family Dental History in One Place 

One of the greatest advantages of establishing a relationship with a family dentist is they will get to know your family dental history and make appropriate changes to your care. They will keep track of all your dental diseases, surgeries, allergies, and sensitivities leading to better care in the future. 

A proactive dentist like the ones you will find at Kvinsland Dentistry will notice new symptoms as they develop over time and take action to prevent future damage or loss of teeth. Additionally, some dental conditions are genetic in nature. To help treat these conditions, it is helpful to have the same dentist for the whole family.  

The Family Dentist Services and Dental Care We Provide at Kvinsland Dentistry 

Family dentistry focuses on preventing or treating common dental problems and promoting strong oral hygiene habits. Our dentists are versatile, applying their training and experience to a wide variety of dental solutions. Contact us to set up appointments for your family! Visit us for:

  • Children’s Dentistry 
  • Prevenative Treatments 
  • Teeth Whitening 
  • Sealants 
  • Dental Crowns/Veneers
  • Bridges 
  • Composite Fillings 
  • Dental Implants 

Family Dentist FAQ 

How Much Do Sealants Cost at a Family Dental Clinic? 

Sealing one tooth is a fraction of the cost of one simple filling. Having sealants put on healthy teeth now will save you money in the long run by avoiding fillings and crowns later in life. Most good insurance policies only pay for sealants at or near 100% on molars. Check with your insurance company for details. 

What Types of Tooth Crowns are Available? 


Porcelain is almost always used where the tooth shows. By choosing porcelain, it more closely matches existing teeth, keeping your smile at its best. In building a crown, porcelain is fused to a substructure that is custom selected to match your needs. The substructure is built from the most durable materials possible. Based on your situation, metal has been traditionally used, but metal-free options are available. 


Dr. Kvinsland believes that gold is still the most durable material for crowns. He will discuss with you what your best option is based on your situation.  

What Materials Are Used for Dental Bridges? 

Bridges can be constructed from gold alloys, non-precious alloys, porcelain, or a combination of these materials. Porcelain is often bonded to a metal substructure. The development of wonderful new materials has allowed us to provide “metal-free” dentistry to those who desire it.  

How Do You Take Care of a Dental Bridge?

A routine regimen of brushing and flossing will keep the bridge and surrounding teeth clean. This is of critical importance as the bridge relies on the neighboring teeth for support.