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Sealants are an ideal prevention tool for kid’s teeth protection. In some situations, we may recommend for use in adults.

What is a sealant and when is it appropriate?
  • A sealant is a tough material that bonds to tooth enamel. Sealants are clear and painted onto the tooth surface, sealing the surface and any pits, grooves, and chewing surfaces against decay.
  • The process is entirely pain-free.
  • Sealants are generally applied to children’s permanent premolars and molars and can be used for adults in certain situations.
What are the benefits of sealants?
  • Sealants are an excellent way to protect chewing surfaces of teeth from decay. They are an great financial investment (prevention) instead of treating decay after it starts.
  • Sealants are not permanent; they last about five years with normal wear; they can wear off or chip off earlier in certain instances. Sealants protect chewing surfaces, not the spaces between teeth, and it does not prevent gum disease. Regular home care and dental visits are still necessary.
Should sealants be placed on baby teeth?
  • Generally, it is not necessary to do sealants for baby teeth. Baby teeth are not as deeply grooved as permanent teeth. If the child is particularly susceptible to decay, sealants may be recommended. 
Child receiving sealant treatment from a trained specialist.
A young boy after having sealants.

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